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November 22 - 24, Muffathalle


Assembly for a different Europe


Until the outbreak of the financial crisis five years ago, Europe appeared to be stable and imperturbable. Since then, cataclysms have taken place that we can hardly fathom at this time, much less deal with. For the first time in recent history, the future of the continent seems uncertain.

In Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus, the countries in the euro rescue fund, the lifestyles of the people are changing drastically in view of the inflicted austerity measures. The unemployment figures are soaring, a "lost generation" of 20 – 30-year-olds is starting to evolve. The health care and social welfare systems in many places are about to collapse.

Up until now, patronage networks and encrusted power structures prevented new political beginnings. The result was a large number of protests, even violent ones. At the same time, activist movements and groups were formed – in the beginning on the local level, then increasingly across borders as well. These movements and groups are not only trying to absorb the cuts in the social welfare networks, they are also trying to design alternative economic, political, and artistic models. Their goal is to develop personal and social perspectives for action, to redesign politics from the bottom up, and in this manner to provide impulses for the future.


Amazingly, so far Germany appears to be untouched by these events. The situation is evidently too novel and confusing even for the experts. Apart from the current success of the protest party AfD in Germany and some of the excitement in the boulevard media, the predominant opinion is "carry on." The German chancellor's "the best alternative" appears to be the general consensus. Germany is a generous but reluctant paymaster, and apart from that a distanced observer of the "rescue routine." And so over the past months the frightening development occurred that Europe is drifting apart, drifting into an apparently "industrious" but "school masterly" North and a "fun-loving" but "lazy" South. Designations such as "PIGS" for Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain raise the question of how will it be possible in Europe for countries to deal with one another with respect in the future.


WAKE UP! – an assembly for a different Europe is extending an invitation to come to Muffatwerk from November 22 – 24 for a diverse program of panels, performances, and lectures designed to inform and inspire, to question and motivate.


Production: SPIELART Festival in collaboration with the Evangelische Stadtakademie München, the Instituto Cervantes Munich, the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, the Goethe-Institut, ACCIÓN CULTURAL ESPAÑOLA, AC/E


Evangelische Stadtakademie


Download here the WAKE UP!-Schedule.


14:00 | Muffathalle
Assembly for a different Europe
WAKE UP! Day 1
14:00 h opening :: WAKE UP - Call
14:30 h Christian Felber :: Let's rescue the euro! (presentation)
16:00 h Margarita Tsomou :: Garbage of history / documents from the future (lecture-performance)
17:00 h Costas Douzinas :: Strategies, subjects and prospects of resistance (presentation)
18:00 h Despina Grammatikopulu :: My crisis with the crisis (Film-Preview)
18:30 h Amador Fernandez-Savater :: The Politics of the Politicians and the Politics of the 99% (lecture)
19:30 h Media in crisis :: Panel
21:30 h La tristura :: El sur de Europa. Días de amor dificiles – Southern Europe. Days of difficult love (performance)
22:00 h WAKE UP! Party :: Party at Muffatwerk, Ampere with DJ HOT&MAD

On Friday, 22nd, the Italian Group Teatro Valle Occupato will open the festival with a street performance that will make its way from... more

11:00 - 22:30 | Muffathalle
Assembly for a different Europe
WAKE UP! Day 2
11:00 h Martha Bouziouri, Dolca Moreno & Miriam Planas :: THE DOME PROJECT: a matrix of social change (presentation)
11:30 h Elias Tsolakidis :: The impacts of the austerity policies in Greece (presentation)
12:00 h Lars Geiges :: Angry citizens or courageous citizens? New protests under scrutiny (lecture)
13:00 h Leonidas Martín Saura :: How to disrupt the financial order with humor, creativity, and a dash of mischief (presentation)
14:00 h Criss Cross. Mobility and crises on the fringes and in the city centers :: Panel
15:00 h Márton Gulyás :: The case of Hungary: What could, should, and will the German-speaking countries probably do?
16:00 h Heiner Flassbeck :: The European dream and a terrible awakening (lecture)
17:00 h Theater in crisis :: Panel
18:30 h Tommy McKearny :: How comfortable is Ireland with austerity? (lecture)
19:30 h Sylvi Kretzschmar :: Amplification! – a collective invocation (film documentation)
20:00 h Thomas Fricke :: The fairy tale of the lazy Greek and the costly rescue of the euro – why the sovereign debt crisis is in reality a crisis of the banks (lecture)
21:00 h Achilleas Kentonis & Maria Papacharalambous :: Bank of Commons (lecture-performance)
21:30 h Anestis Azas | Prodromos Tsinikoris :: Telemachos – should I stay or should I go? (performance)
22:00 h WAKE UP! Party :: Party at Muffatwerk, Cafe DJ Rani Al RAJJI

From 22.11 to 24.11. at Muffatwerk Atelier:

  • Enrique Flores: CHRONICLE OF A REVOLT: the new Spanish revolution in images... more
11:00 - 22:30 | Muffathalle
Assembly for a different Europe
WAKE UP! Day 3
11:00 h Gigi Argyropoulou & Hypatia Vourloumis :: Civic Zones (lecture-performance)
12:00 h Barış Uygur :: The role of satirical magazines in Turkish media (presentation)
12:30 h Anna Stratoudaki | Omikron Project
13:00 h Enrique Flores :: The image of protest (talk)
13:30 h Joseph Patricio :: Food Left (ambulante Performance)
14:00 h José Nuno Matos :: The Portuguese austerity project: a genealogy of a neoliberal experiment (lecture)
15:00 h City in crisis :: Panel
16:30 h Mohammad Ayub :: Beirut, the dream (presentation)
17:00 h Ana Bigotte Vieira | Sandra Lang :: Lisbon, Lack and Excess (lecture-performance)
18:00 h Ugo Mattei :: New institutions of the commons (lecture)
19:00 h Hannes Neubauer :: Form follows location (lecture-performance)
20:00 h Daphne Büllesbach, Luisa Schweizer/Euroalter :: Imagine/demand/enact European Alternatives (presentation)
21:00 h Teatro Valle Occupato :: All the insane love we have (performance)
22:00 h WAKE UP! Party :: Party at Muffatwerk, Ampere with DJ Philipp Ernst

From 22.11 to 24.11. at Muffatwerk Atelier:


  • Enrique Flores: CHRONICLE OF A REVOLT: the new Spanish revolution in... more